Gruffalo – Year R


Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!!!

Our teachers are: Ms Hannah Davies and Ms Susan Harrison, our teaching assistants are: Mrs Madeline Toomer, Miss Tracy Lowe & Mrs Clare Whisker

Home learning

Home learning guidelines

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Home Learning for the week commencing 29th June.

Broom Reading words

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Home work wc 29th June

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Home Learning for the week commencing 22nd June.

Home learning 22.6.20

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10 frame resource

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Numbers 1-20 formation

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Stick Man reading words

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Home Learning for the week commencing 15th June.

Home learning 15.6.20

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15.6.20 numbers 1-20

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Boy Girl Outline

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Map of Lymington

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Numberline 1-20

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Paper Boat instructions

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Part part whole template

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Smartest giant reading words

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Tshirt design

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Home Learning for the week commencing 8th June.

Homework 8.6.20

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Snails PPT & reading cards

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label the snail

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Matisse Snail

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snail acrostic

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Home Learning for the week commencing 1st June.

suggested timetable

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Gruffalo quiz

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Gruffalo addition wk 1.6.20

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missing words

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Gruffalo ordering sheet

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Home learning gallery

Check out what some of our Gruffalo children have been working on at home. If you would like to see your work on our class page, send us your pictures!

Week Commencing 18th May:

Letter from Miss Davies & Miss Harrison 18th May

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Home work wc 18th May

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Postcard template

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Dinosaur Top Trumps

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Dinosaur subtraction 2

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Dinosaur subtraction 1

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Week Commencing 11th May:

Letter from Miss Davies & Miss Harrison 11th May

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Home work wc 11th May

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Dinosaur Information Matching Game

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Dinosaurs omnivore-carnivore-herbivore - Sorting Sheet

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Dinosaur themed rhyming words

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Incey Wincey Spider Colour

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Week Commencing 4th May:

Letter from Miss Davies & Miss Harrison 4.5.20

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Homework wc 4th May

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Desktop Speed Sounds-A

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Magic Spell adding more

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I Spy and Add 10 Checklist

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I Spy and Add 10 Answers

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I Spy and Add 10

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I Spy and Add 20 Checklist

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I Spy and Add 20 Answers

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I Spy and Add 20

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Week Commencing 27.4.20:

Letter from Miss Davies & Miss Harrison

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Homework Week Starting 27th April

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Patterns around the house

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Finish the pattern

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Dinosaur numbers 1-20

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Clock template

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Week Commencing 20.4.20

Letter from Miss Davies and Miss Harrison

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Monday 20th April

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Tuesday 21st April

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Wednesday 22nd April

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Thursday 23rd April

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Friday 24th April

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Capital Lower Case Letters

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Number 11 powerpoint

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Number 11 worksheet

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Dinosaur numbers 1-20

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Week Commencing 30.3.20

Letter from teachers 30.3.20

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Monday 30th March

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Tuesday 31st March

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Wednesday 1st April

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Thursday 2nd April

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Friday 3rd April

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Friday 10 frame resource

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Easter Activities

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Gruffalo Word Search

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Week commencing 23.3.20

Monday 23rd March

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Tuesday 24th March

164.67 KBDownload

Wednesday 25th March

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Thursday 26th March

165.36 KBDownload

Friday 27th March

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Gingerbread story

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End of home learning update



Welcome to our new reception children!! We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning and adventures together!!

The Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of seven areas of learning. These areas are divided into the Prime Areas and the Specific Areas. The Prime Areas are fundamental to your child’s development, and progress in these Prime Areas will help your child be successful in the Specific areas of learning.
The Prime Areas include; Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development. The Specific Areas are: Maths, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding The World.

The adults we work with observe how we are learning. This is known as the Characteristics of Effective Learning and includes:

  • learning through playing and exploring
  • active learning through motivation
  • creating and thinking critically.

Our teachers support us so that we continue to be effective and motivated learners.
If you would like to find out more about the EYFS and the Characteristics of Effective Learning follow the link below.

Our learning is centred around the things we are interested in as this is when we learn best. Each day we have 90 minutes of interrupted child initiated play. This is when we play with what we know, we feel happiest to explore, practise new skills, make links in our learning, and try new things

Forest School

Every week the children take part in Forest School. Forest School gives children the opportunity to achieve, learn, develop confidence and self esteem through hands on learning experiences in our fantastic school grounds.

Forest School is a learner centred programme that fosters resilience and problem solving skills, as well as helping children to work co-operatively together while having lots of fun!! Learners have the opportunity to take risks appropriate to their environment and themselves.

They learn about the plants and animals that live in our school grounds and are taught how to use tools and equipment that help foster the development of their gross and fine motor skills.

Children are encouraged to come appropriately dressed for Forest School as we go out in all weathers!! Children can wear old joggers, jeans, or leggings with their school t-shirt and jumper. They need waterproof trousers, a warm coat, and wellington boots. In cold weather they also need thick socks, hat, scarf and gloves; sun hat and sun cream in the summer month

Parents and Friends……

Each week you are invited to come and stay and play with your child. This is a great opportunity for you to come and see what your child has been learning about and a chance for them to share their learning with you. These sessions are very relaxed and are open to grandparents, aunties, uncles, child-minders, and so on. We look forward to seeing you then !

To find out more about what we are learning about see the  EYFS long term plan document below.

Reading and Phonics information session

On 18th November Early Years and Key Stage 1 hosted a reading and phonics information for parents. Please find below the presentation used for this session. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the presentation.

Reading and Phonics at SBS

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useful websites to support your child’s learning at home:

Please click to open

Class charter 2019-20

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Fairytales Topic Web

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The Little Animals Activity Centre

A fun way to learn and play

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