Tulane – Year 3/4

Welcome to Tulane Class. We are taught by Miss Laura Fairlie and Mrs Anne Moir and supported by Ms Emma McGuckian.

Timetable for this week and letter with work for each day:








timetable week of 30.03.2020

28.37 KBDownload

Friday 03.04.2020

183.20 KBDownload

Thursday 02.04.2020

192.50 KBDownload

Wednesday 01.04.2020

1.40 MBDownload

Tuesday 31.03.2020

320.13 KBDownload

Monday 30.03.2020

242.58 KBDownload

Celebrating our first week of home learning!

A big well done to everyone who managed to do some learning from home this week and learnt how to log in to Learners Pool to share their work. We know everyone’s doing their home learning differently and you all have different levels of access to technology so most of all we just hope that you are happy and healthy. Enjoy these examples of what’s happening at home with some of Tulane class!

Tulane 27.03.2020

79.10 KBDownload

Tulane 26.03.2020

182.59 KBDownload

Tulane 25.03.2020

281.30 KBDownload

Guided reading activity 1 & 2 (listen here):


TULANE 24.03.2020

301.05 KBDownload

Letter from Miss Fairlie

187.04 KBDownload

Tulane - Questions for Reading Bookmark 2

834.05 KBDownload

Tulane - Questions for Reading Bookmark

872.21 KBDownload

Tulane Cursive Alphabet Letter Formation - Upper and Lower case

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Tulane timetable 23rd March

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Please click to open:

Topic Plans Tulane Spring 2

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TULANE - Three things that are special

329.52 KBDownload


646.17 KBDownload


90.38 KBDownload

Tulane Class Prayer

249.18 KBDownload

Welcome to KS2 Meet the Teacher

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