Shadow – Year 4/5

Welcome to Shadow Class. We are taught by Miss Sue Whitehead and supported by Mrs Elaine Williams, Mrs Fiona Hill, Mrs Clare Whisker and Miss Tracy Lowe.

This weeks timetable and letter with work for each day:

Shadow timetable week 2

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Day 10 03/04/20

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Day 9 02.04.20

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Day 8 01.04.20

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Day 7 31.03.20

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Day 6

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Celebrating your work this week

Well done to everyone who managed to add to the Learners pool or email me their work, here are just a few of them….keep them coming.

To those of you who haven’t been able to access the technology, don’t worry, as long as you are fit and healthy and doing what you can to stay motivated and positve, being kind to each other, that’s all we can ask for 🙂



Day 5 - 27.3.2020

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Day 4 - 26.3.2020

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Shadow timetable week 1

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Day 3 - 25.3.2020

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SHADOW - 24.3.2020

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Land of Roar

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Dear children,
 These are funny circumstances but having a routine and being independent learners is something you are brilliant at!
You have at home with you the following things:
A maths workbook called Flashback 4 (which most of you have started in class)
A maths workbook called addition and subtraction
A maths workbook called multiplication and division
A spelling with handwriting practice booklet (which most of you have started in class)
Your English and maths books (apart from some I have at home – sorry) and your Early Morning Book (for other writing tasks)
Your personal dictionaries (which are not doodle books!)
Adults who will support you (you’ll probably have to show them how it’s done from your books first.
So…. What I want you to do is follow the timetable, using these workbooks (copies in the Learners pool) until they are complete and then I will put more in the Learners pool. Other tasks do not use workbooks so I will say where to do them.
You can vary the order you do the work in, you can do 2 days’ worth in one day, then have a day off, up to you.
I would LOVE to see your efforts so please learn how to get into the Learners pool from home and put things you have done in the folder of the week.
Anything brilliant that you have found and want to share with others let me know (by leaving something in the folder ‘brilliant ideas’ or emailing me (if your parents give you permission or get them to):

How to access the Learner's Pool

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Please click to open:


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SHADOW - Three things that are special

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Welcome to KS2 Meet the Teacher

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Shadow Charter 2019-20

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