A blog about HOPE for the children of SBS

Hi Everyone,

How are you?  I hope that you are all ok and finding some nice things to do at home with your families?  I am spending a lot of my spare time doing all of the things that I normally wish I had more time for, like spending time in my garden, reading more books, cooking, watching films and organising a few messy cupboards!

I also keep thinking about how we will remember this strange time.  Have any of you had a go at writing or drawing your memories?  Perhaps you could record yourself talking about life in lockdown because one day, when you are all adults, a child might ask you about this time.

Look at this notice from October 1918 (World War One ended in November 1918)

I wonder what children of the future will think when they look back on our school closure letters and signs?

On Friday, we will be celebrating VE day.  This marks the end of World War Two – what a day of celebration and hope that must have been!

Hopefully many of you were able to watch my Friday afternoon worship last week?  If not, here is the link again:


In my worship, I read you a ‘story of hope’ and I talked about some of the things I am hoping will change.  Do you think the pictures above show hope?

Even when things are difficult, there are things we can be thankful for each day.  Sometimes the things we are grateful for are BIG things and other times, little things that make a difference.  Remember, in worship I have often talked to you about the difference a smile from you can make to another person’s day.  Today, I am thankful that the sun has come out and my favourite flowers are starting to grow in the garden….these are not big things but they are things that have helped me feel peaceful today.  You might be pleased that you can listen to your favourite songs today or play with your favourite toy.

Showing gratitude – saying thank you – really does link to all of our school values but especially thankfulness, peace, trust and respect.

So what things am I hoping will change?

When I think about the things that I would like to change after lockdown, I would really like to change some of the ways we have treated our world.

Do you remember our pledges to the world that we made for Harvest last year?  Do you remember my pledge?

I said that I would reduce the number of take-away coffees I bought because these throw away cups are not good for the environment.  Guess what?  So far this year I have been really successful and I feel absolutely great about keeping my pledge.


So, this is where we start but there is so much more we can all do….

  • Could we stop using single-use plastic completely?
  • Use local shops and try to grow some fruit or vegetables?
  • Cut down on our use of cars, by walking, cycling or sharing cars for essential journeys?
  • Try to reduce how much ‘fast fashion’ we purchase – I remember the SBS Clothes Sale really helped us to think about this.
  • Re-use and recycle when we can – like when year 6 used old clothes to make bags or when we swap books with a friend?
  • Getting to know our neighbours and helping others.


I am sure that you have many ideas that you could share with me.  Maybe you will join me in my first HOPE that the world will change because we are looking after it better.  I am sure that people would be happier and healthier if everyone did this.  What do you think?

Mrs Moir

  • Ofsted
  • Healthy Schools
  • Eco Schools Silver Award
  • Sainbury's School Games Silver
  • ActiveMark 2008
  • Hampshire Local Offer
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