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Our class charters

The excellent behaviour and safety of pupils at SBS is a constant priority. We enable children to learn to be responsible for their learning and behaviour through regular feedback, circle times, reward systems and through the collaborative creation of Class Charters.

Please read your child’s class charter found in the class information pages below and discuss it with them.

School rules

  • Try our best with everything.
  • Treat each other kindly and look after each other.
  • Look after property and tidy up after ourselves.
  • Do not bring toys, sweets or jewellery to school.
  • Walk sensibly, being aware of others.
  • Wear the school uniform, tying hair back if necessary.
  • Playground rules:
  • Walk on the path and look out for each other to keep everyone safe.
  • Keep the “quiet area” quiet.
  • Line up quietly as soon as we are asked.
  • Take care of the playground equipment.


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