Our School Mission

Individuality and Pupil Voice

1.1.1 Mission statement

South Baddesley is a small primary school set in beautiful surroundings. We take great pride in creating a child-centred learning environment that is able to adapt to and meet all our pupil’s needs. We are an inclusive learning community and take time to understand all of our pupils as individuals. This means that we create a memorable curriculum that embeds life-long learning skills.

Pupil Voice is strong at South Baddesley. We provide genuine opportunities for the pupils to be listened to. This is achieved in part through our vibrant School Council and Eco Committee, but also through school improvement initiatives such as Learning Reviews and Pupil Interviews.

We recognise that all of pupils have wide and varying needs. Through regular and consistent feedback to our pupils we are able to work with them to set clear next steps that ensure both challenge and progression.

We have a consistent whole school approach to SEN. Children identified with special educational needs receive specific programmes of support. These programmes are identified on individual education plans (IEPs) and a record of support is recorded in their individual Star Book.

Further information about our pupil councils can be found on the Children’s page, a deeper explanation of learning reviews and pupil interviews on our Parent’s pages and further information about SEND can be found in our SEN report within the Policies and Reports section of this website.


As a small community we are able to develop strong partnerships with parents and so working alongside families we are able to provide the very best we can for each child. Our Governors and the wider school community provide a further layer to this partnership and this helps to provide a balanced and purposeful learning culture.

We create a number of opportunities to embed our partnership working; for example, we hold Open Evenings and Parents Consultations, curriculum workshops linked to themes identified in our school development plan and in response to matters raised at Parent Forum or within our bi-annual parent questionnaire.

Our School Values

As a Church of England primary school, our school values are based on Christian themes. Our themes help us to develop as positive, caring and creative individuals. These values are the foundation of our spiritual development for children and are reflected in our Behaviour Policy (Policies and Reports).

Courage and Perseverance:

1.1.2 Vision and Values Courage and Perseverance

There are many examples of courage in the Bible; courage is linked to having faith in God’s promises.
At South Baddesley, even when things are not easy, we find courage to be the best learners and friends that we can be.
Christians consider perseverance to be linked to their on-going spiritual journey; working with unwavering focus towards their spiritual destiny.
At South Baddesley we help children to understand that hard work and dedication are admirable qualities and help us to achieve our goals.

Respect and Trust:

1.1.1 Vision and Values -Respect and Trust

The Bible helps us to understand that Christians show self-respect by honouring how God has made each of us and by knowing God wants us to respect others around us.
We help children to understand that there are many different forms of respect; self-respect, respect of others and respect of the world we live in. We learn that we can share our opinions in a safe environment without being judged. We understand that we are all unique and being different is something to value.
The stories in the Bible help Christians to understand God’s dream and to trust in him that his promise is true and he will not let us down.
At South Baddesley, trust is a very important value. It helps us to support each other, care for each other and believe in each other. Only in a culture of trust can real and deep learning to

Thankfulness and Peace:

1.1.3 Vision and values thankfulness and peace

‘Write your troubles in the sand but carve your blessings in stone’ (Anon)
Stories from the Bible help us to learn how to give thanks for daily life; not forgetting the small things and being thankful for God’s love. We help children to develop a positive attitude and a healthy problem-solving approach to life. We recognise that things are rarely perfect but give thanks for everything that is good.
Overall we strive for ‘peace.’ We understand this as a sense of peace within ourselves and who we are as well as peace to others around us. We help children to be confident, reflective individuals who are able to make healthy choices.

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