Chase the Rainbow!

As I took Flossie out for her walk, I noticed dozens of houses with rainbows painted in the windows. When I got home from the walk, I had to google the new trend. It turns out, people have been painting pictures of rainbows in their windows for children to go rainbow spotting whilst out on a walk and to bring people joy.

I wanted to feel part of this – but in my house I have no colouring pencils, colouring pens or paints! As I sat in the garden I felt disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to be part of this, but then I noticed the array of colour in the garden. At that point, I decided that I would make a rainbow, using the plants in the garden. Here is my end result, accompanied by my little assistant!

Here are some more rainbows that members of staff have shared:

Perhaps you felt inspired to make your own rainbow, please share it with us – we would love to see!

Miss Martin


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