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Working in partnership with parents is core to our values at South Baddesley. This part of the website is designed to provide the daily and annual information parents often need.
A quick guide to life at South Baddesley

Assessment for Learning

This is how we find out how well our children are learning, interpreting what they know and can do and then teaching what they need to do next. There are many ways of finding out how well children are learning and further information about Assessment at South Baddesley can be found in our Assessment Policy.


Good attendance at school is fundamental to good learning at school. We are pleased that children love coming to school and continuously promote high levels of attendance. Our Attendance Policy can be found in our Policies and Reports section.


For children who bike to school, there is a bike station next to the side entrance to the school. Children can safely leave their bikes here.


Celebrating our birthdays is a fun, community event. Each month we have a whole-school birthday assembly with delicious birthday cakes!


Children are asked to read regularly at home. We have a reading scheme and ‘real’ books. Children will bring a book home each day as appropriate to your child’s reading ability and interest-level.


Children living in East Boldre (more than 3 miles from school), are entitled to use free school transport. This is a bus service provided by Hampshire County Council.


We hold termly celebration assemblies where we celebrate all of our achievements. These are popular assemblies and open to the whole school community. We have weekly whole school awards to celebrate smaller achievements of all pupils throughout the week as well as on-going individual class awards.

class pages

Each class has a page on this website and class 1 has a blog so that you can find out about their learning. A parents meeting held at the beginning of each year introduces you to life in each class and provides you with an opportunity to sign up as a class helper.


School uniform is expected at all times. Details of our uniform can be found in our prospectus. Children also need to bring wellington boots or outdoor shoes to school so that we can make the most of our beautiful grounds. In the winter please remember warm coats, hats and gloves and in the summer, please remember sun hats and to apply sunscreen. We are outside in all weathers because we dress appropriately.


There are a range of clubs available to pupils at our school. Please see the clubs section for up-to-date information about these clubs.

Collective worship

We hold daily collective worship assemblies. These take place as a whole school or within classes. On a Friday morning we hold a Community Assembly, we welcome parents and members of the community to this assembly led by the pupils.


ELSA stands for Emotional, Literacy Support Assistant. From time to time children require additional emotional support and this can be provided for set blocks of time by one of our trained ELSA. Each ELSA receives on-going support from the Hampshire Education Psychology Service.
We will ask for email contact details from you annually. We communicate via email whenever possible. We will send letter and reminders via email.

First Aid

As well as adult first aiders, we have a team of young first aiders. Children in classes 3 and 4 receive First Aid training from St. John’s Ambulance and then are able to apply for the role of Young First Aider. Pupils are have a weekly duty rota.


Fruit is provided for pupils in classes 1 and 2. Children in class 3 and 4 are encouraged to bring their own healthy snack for break times. We compost all of our fruit waste.


Our school garden is flourishing with different plants and crops. It is also home to our animals. The children maintain the garden and in the summer months enjoy eating their lunch at the picnic tables.

Home learning

Home-learning is set each term and recorded on the class planning grids. These grids can be found on each class page.

Home-school agreement

Each family in school will be asked to sign a home-school agreement. This agreement is reviewed at the start of each year.


Hot lunches are delicious and cooked in our school kitchen. Local produce is sources and provide a good nutritional meal at midday. There is a meat, vegetarian and picnic option. Children may also opt to bring their own packed lunch. When your child starts school in Reception, you will be invited to have lunch in school with your child.

Medical Needs

Information for parents about administering medicine and meeting the needs of pupils with medical needs can be found in our Medical Needs Policy. All children with specific medical needs have an individual health care plan.


Children in class one, two and children receiving pupil premium funding are offered free milk. All children may choose to purchase milk and have it as part of their daily snack.


We have a lovely red minibus and we use it to transport small groups of children to extra-curriculum events. It is regularly transporting children to sporting events. We will ask you to sign a consent for your child to travel on our minibus when they start school.


Music is part of our curriculum, as well as being enhanced by our weekly singing and worship assemblies. We also have a school choir and provide the opportunity for all children to access individual music lessons. For pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding we will contribute towards these lessons. We provide various opportunities for the children to perform, including our annual Key Stage Two Music Festival at Christmas.

Open Afternoon

We provide opportunities throughout the year for families to drop-in and view their child’s learning. These afternoons are held after school and are led by the pupils.

Outdoor learning

We love to be outdoors and include outdoor learning as an integral aspect of our learning. Please view the section on Outdoor Learning.

Parent Support Worker

We access Parent Support through our local family support team as part of the Priestlands Cluster of Schools.

Parent Workshops

We offer various parent workshops in-line with current school developments as well as to provide on-going parenting support for our families.

Parents Evening

These normally take place in the Autumn and Spring terms. Additional parents’ evenings may be provided if the school considers it to be necessary. Reports will be shared at these meetings.


Space for parking outside our school is restrictive. Driving and parking with extreme care is requested at all times. Parents travelling from Lymington may park in the lanes around school and parents travelling from the Norleywood direction may use the church car park. In the morning, children may enter school via the front entrance or via the meadow gate if parking in the church car park. At the end of the school day all children exit from the back of the school and should be collected from the playground. There is always a member of staff on each gate to monitor safe entrance and exit from our school site. Parking in the bus layby is strictly forbidden.


We provide termly report cards for all pupils. These reports summarise learning and next steps in reading, writing, mathematics and other areas specific to the individual child. We provide longer reports mid-year that include pupil’s views as well as parent’s views. We report again at the end of the year, making judgements about children’s achievements. The purpose of these reports is to provide you with a clear narrative about what your child can do well and what they need to do next so that all parents are able to support their children.

Running Track

In 2014 we used some of Sports Grant money to install a running track around our field. This is the ideal track for running, walking and skipping on. We often encourage children to run on this track as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our high achievements at cross-country events, reflects this initiative.


SEN refers to Special Educational Needs. We have a SENCO who leads on the provision for children with additional needs. We produce individual education plans (IEPS) for children who provide additional support. These plans are regularly shared with parents. Further information about SEN can be found in the Policies and Reports section of this website.


Trailblazer days are whole school outdoor learning events. We have one Trailblazer Day a year. Please see Outdoor Learning for further information.


This website is a key place to find out what is happening at South Baddesley and to keep up with current information. We hope that you enjoy browsing it!
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