Outdoor Learning

Learning outside is an extremely important aspect of the curriculum at South Baddesley. We respect the fact that many children come to us with an instinctive love of open space and we value the enormous significance this plays in children’s development. As Octavia Hill, one of the founders of the National Trust, observed over 100 years ago, ‘the sight of sky and things growing are fundamental needs, common to all men.’ (National Trust report: Natural Childhood by Stephen Moss) We have invested time to research the many reports highlighting the benefits of Outdoor Learning and alongside our own observations we recognise the power that being outside has.

When children learn outside we consider that they:

  • learn to connect with nature in creative and imaginative ways
  • develop their social interactions through teamwork
  • are free to be curious and ask questions
  • are able to explore and investigate
  • make observations and learn to connect their thinking
  • are happy and emotionally grow stronger
  • learn to understand risks and challenges
  • learn to problem-solve and
  • learn to be responsible.


Our Outdoor Learning programme is integral to our Science, PSHE and Spiritual curriculum. Pupils in class 1 and 2 have weekly Outdoor Learning lessons; working with a specialist leader, the children explore key scientific concepts and deepen their understanding of the world they live in. Children in classes 3 and 4 participate in blocks of Outdoor Learning.

All children take part in annual Trailblazer Days. These are always a highlight of our year as they bring the whole school community together, helping us to learn with and from each other as well as adding another layer to our understanding of the outdoors.

Our Garden and Animals

Our school garden is managed by the pupils. They look after our five chickens, rabbit and guinea pig. As well as daily composting and annual gardening tasks to keep this a vibrant and flourishing space


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Clothing for our site

We are proud to be a New Forest School and always make the most of being outside. At particular times of the year our site is quite muddy, so we ask all children to bring a change of shoes to school. Ideally we ask children to keep a pair of wellies in school. The children change their footwear at break times in order to make the most of our wonderful grounds.

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