Policies & Reports

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

All policies are reviewed regularly – usually every two to three years unless changes in legislation require a more immediate change.

If you require a paper copy of any of the following policies please contact the school office on 01590 626243.

Acceptable use of ICT Policy

472.31 KBDownload

Accessibility Plan

133.12 KBDownload

Admissions Policy 2021 - 2022

348.50 KBDownload

Admissions Policy 2022 - 2023

380.19 KBDownload

Admissions Policy 2023 - 2024

168.65 KBDownload

After School Club Policy

89.88 KBDownload

Anti-Bullying Policy

261.19 KBDownload

Assessment Policy

2.09 MBDownload

Attendance Policy

132.83 KBDownload

Behaviour Policy including child friendly version

1.31 MBDownload

Breakfast Club Policy

129.88 KBDownload

Charging and Remissions Policy

233.67 KBDownload

Child Protection Policy 2022-23

853.44 KBDownload

Children with medical needs who cannot be educated at school__ 2021.docx

115.96 KBDownload

Collective Worship Policy

211.06 KBDownload

Communication Policy

188.97 KBDownload

Complaints Policy

174.27 KBDownload

Confidentiality Policy

67.61 KBDownload

Curriculum Policy

109.85 KBDownload

Data Protection Policy

60.56 KBDownload

Equalities Policy

180.04 KBDownload

Feedback Policy

161.45 KBDownload

Freedom of Information Policy

187.34 KBDownload

Health and Safety Policy

280.39 KBDownload

Home Learning Policy

56.79 KBDownload

Home to School Transport Policy

138.78 KBDownload

Intimate Care Policy

131.74 KBDownload

Mental Health Policy

92.76 KBDownload

NQT Policy

249.28 KBDownload

Off-Site Activities Policy

164.88 KBDownload

Penalty Fine Policy - Unauthorised absence

212.15 KBDownload

Prevent Policy

102.22 KBDownload

Privacy Notice

73.08 KBDownload

PSHE Policy

154.73 KBDownload

RE Policy

156.26 KBDownload

Relationships and Health Education Policy

316.04 KBDownload

Remote Learning Policy

226.99 KBDownload

Safeguarding during Covid-19

281.77 KBDownload

Security Policy

257.87 KBDownload

SEND Policy

122.71 KBDownload

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

606.55 KBDownload

Supporting pupils with medical needs who cannot be educated at school

71.02 KBDownload

Transport Policy

120.98 KBDownload

Visitors to school policy

21.72 KBDownload
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