Tiny treasures scavenger hunt

Hello garden explorers – I hope you all enjoyed your small worlds adventure. Maybe you discovered some special treasures along the way? I love the excitement of finding and collecting my own natural treasures. I think it’s because you never know what you might find. It might be something unusual and strange, colourful and shiny, delicate and soft or rough and prickly. Then best of all is talking about and sharing your treasures with somebody so they can enjoy your discoveries too!

A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore and get up close to nature by looking for as many different things as possible.  Here’s my challenge:


How many tiny treasures can you fit into a small matchbox or collecting pot? Tip: I like to sit down and look carefully at the area just around me – it’s amazing what you notice if you look really carefully.

Use these clues to help find some hidden treasures – what did you find?

  • A beautiful thing that was part of a wing
  • If you plant me I may grow into a tree
  • Seek far and close for something nice for your nose
  • An empty home whose owner can no longer slither and roam
  • Tick-tock, a fluffy seed that can be blown and freed
  • Where there is food for a bee but quite hard to see
  • I made food for a tree till it had no more use for me
  • Something harder than bone, a most beautiful stone


Remember, don’t put any living creatures in your collecting box as you may hurt them.

Don’t forget to share your treasures. Which is your favourite object? Which was the hardest to find? Which object did you find first? What senses did you use on your hunt? – smell, feel, hear?

Take a picture of your special tiny treasures. I would love to see what you have found- upload them to the learners pool if you like! Happy hunting.

Mrs Mitchell

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