Treasure in the Garden

Dear SBS Community,

How are you all?  I spent last weekend thinking of the things I would like to do over the next few weeks and on my list are many creative activities to keep me feeling happy.

Here is a picture of something I once found on the beach – I love to look for ‘beach treasure!’

The patterns and marks on this branch probably tell a million stories – where did it start life and where has it been?  How long has it been floating in our sea?  I imagine the tree it once belonged to; I imagine a proud, majestic tree, the type of tree I would like to sit under on a sunny day.  It might have been the type of tree that is good to climb?  The perfect tree to climb to try to reach the clouds from the strong and towering branches.


This weekend I sketched this branch.  But my sketch transformed……

The lone branch on the tree became a mighty dragon with handsome scales and tiger-eyes.  Can you hear it ROAR?

What treasures can you find in your gardens?  If you find a treasure, can you sketch it and then transform it into something new?  Let your imaginations run wild and free.  Have lots of fun!

From Mrs. Moir

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